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good evening. i'm dan ashley. that breaking news is out of texas. there have been at least two explosions at a fertilizer plant in the city of west, texas. 80 miles south of dallas. there have been mass casualties. explosions hit before 8:00 central time.
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we first broke this story at the 6:00 news. hospitals are treating up to 100 people injured. i have heard reports that as many as 40 of those people have very serious injuries. the injured suffered what doctors call blast injuries. injuries to their legs and arms and cuts and bruises. a hazardous materials team is at the plant. there is an evacuation order for the area which includes a school and nursing home. there are reports the nursing home and apartment complex are on fire. a witness says he saw smoke and then the first explosion and it was like a bomb going off the witness says. right now, first responders are on the scene to treat the injured and deal with the damaged plant. investigators will continue to try to figure out what happened but the immediate priority is to treat the injured and to make sure that they get people out as quickly as they can. you are looking at tape from the scene. because there have been air restrictions and they have
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asked news helicopters to leave the immediate area. we hope to re-establish the live pictures shortly. this is tape of the fertilizer plant again in west, texas. not the area west, texas, the down test, texas which i again an hour's drive south of dallas. one of the immediate concerns for the hospitals is they could not fly life flight helicopters because it was too windy. not too long ago windy conditions is subsided enough to allow you helicopters to get back in the air and air lift passengers and then air lift the wounded back to hospitals for treatment. one hospital has taken in dozens and dozens of injured. that hospital is about 20 minutes away from this scene. now, firefighters apparently have been hurt in all of this. witnesses describe a devastating blast. every house within about four blocks one witness says is
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blown apart. again, this is a fertilizer plant. and fertilizer as you may well know can be explosive because of the components in fertilizer and in this case it certainly has been. we saw just a quick glimpse i think a moment ago of a football fieldeer inby being used as a staging area. a local high school football field lit up with flood lights and used sort of as a staging area, a triage area as they try to get people out who have been injured. a nearby nursing home is apparently in really bad shape as i said. west middle school caught fire. one witness says. the immediate area surrounding the fertilizer plant has been evacuated because of fear of -- because of the damage done and fear that there could be more explosions. there is some concern that there could be more explosions to come. glass has been blown out of houses and businesses.
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a lot of people want to get in to help those who have been injured but some fear another explosion so it is making it difficult to evacuate some people from the scene. a number of people have been hurt very, very seriously. we don't have any numbers on those killed. we have no confirmation of deaths. is certainlyst this large you would expect people sadly to have been killed and there are reports there are fatalities but we do not have a number of how serious. again work roughl, with roughl, maybe more. with that number of people injured and that number of people injure ised verye that e
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been injured have suffered what you would typically expect in an explosion which is injuries to the extremities, legs around arms, concussion injuries and the like. as you can see the resulting fire was enormous at the fertilizer plant. these are taped pictures not too long ago. an adeof the surrounding area and the enormous emergency response. you can seat flashing lights and all of the people milling around rushing to help those injured. be again what you saw was a quick glimpse of a high school nearby being used as a staging air aria. red cross crews from across texas being sent to the site now and we are continuing to get some information in on
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this. but this. but again a real tragedy tonight in the town of west, texas where at least 100 people injured by a huge explosion -- a couple of explosions at a fertilizer plant there. do not know what touched off the explosions. what led up to the explosions. but we do know it has had catastrophic results sadly. we will get more for you in this hour, of course, we are following it closely. good evening again. i'm dan ashley. thank you for being here. other developing news. the search for a suspect in the boston marathon bombings continues. these explosions were deliberately caused as investigators look to surveillance videos for clues. they are coming an enormous amount of surveillance videos trying to find out who was responsible for the tragedy at the boston marathon. mar arecy gonzalez has the latest from boston. >> reporter: closing in on a possible o suspect. law enforcement sources tell abc news they have is a clear image of a man they believe could be the person who planted one or both of the bombs near
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the fen initial line of the boston marathon monday. abc news learned the person investigators believe could have caused the carnage and chaos was captured on a individual joe. he is shown talking on a cell phone and carrying a black back strapped across his chest and then possibly leaving the bag at the scene. tonight no, clear answers on how close the fbi is to making an arrest. >> before they make any arrests they will have the case pretty much, you know, the evidence will be there. th will not rush to judgment on this. >> reporter: it has been a day of anticipation and tension. >> code red evacuation. >> code red evacuate the building. >> the federal courthouse where any suspect would stand trial was evacuated today because of what turned out to be an unsubstantiated bomb threat. a city on edge and still grieving. a memorial grows by the hour near the site of the bombings where the fbi is still hard at
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work. friends and classmates from boston university remember 23-year-old graduate student lindsey leu. the victims will be honored again tomorrow morning here less than a mile from where are they lost their lives. the president and first lady coming to the cathedral to join in an interfaith service. marcy gonzalez, abc news, boston. a key piece of evidence a bay area company says it came from them. investigators released pictures of the bombs that went off and fremont company tenergy saw one of their batteries and immediately called the fbi. abc 7 news reporter sergio has that part of the story. >> pieces of the bit and pieces of components used in the boston bombing. when employees notice one of their singed batteries in the pictures they called authoritys.
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>> we contacted both the boston police department and the fbi. >> reporter: benjamin mull is a vice president. he says this type of battery is usually used to power remote control toys but you not more powerful than anything you might buy off the supermarket shelf. >> i don't think there was anything particularly unique to the battery or cell that would make it more attract eastbound for that type of use. i think any -- a double a or triple-a type of battery could have been used if it was rechargeable. >> reporter: however, the battery is specially designed to fit into compact remote control cars or trucks so only ordered online or purchased through specialty hobby shops. >> it the common in the rc arena but you outside of that it is not fairly well known. >> they are hoping to work with investigators in any way possible. they are shockd that one of tase batteries may have been used in the boston bombing. >> these products are generally developments to bring people
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enjoyment and the fact they were used in a horrific way is appalling. >> reporter: he tells me that e personally called the boston p.d. and fbi and gave them his contact information. they told him they were going to return the phone call. he tells me, however, this afternoon that that phone call iset to be returned. reporting live in fremont, abc 7 news,. among those in the hospital a boy from martinez who is recovering from another round of surgery after he was injured in the bombings. aaron hern's surgery was a success. surgeons successfully closed his wounds without using skin grafts. he was in boston to watch his mom cross the finish line when the bomb exploded and sent shrapnel into his leg. support for him is growing in his hometown in martinez. several restaurants are holding fundraisers. the other than of one restaurant played football where aaron's dad is a coach. >> i played football and his
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red 70sor was influencial in my life. it hit close to home when i heard who it was. >> a lot of people coming to support young aaron. mountain mike's pizza is donating 30% of its sales to help this family. now, stay with abc 7 news for the latest developments on the boston bombings. abc 7 news reporter and anchor ama daetz will continue to bring us reports from boston. we also have a slide show of the most touching images and moments of real courage and grit in the face of this tragedy. that is on our website we want to take you back to update the breaking news that we had at the top of this newscast, the terrible violent explosion in the town of west in texas, 80 miles south of dallas. you can see the power of that blast. it shattered windows and blew up buildings and erupted in flames. it was felt by some people and heard 45 miles away.
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we now know that two emergency responders emt firefighters, emergency medical technician firefighters were killed as a result of this tragedy. a hundred people have been injured at least that we know of. many of them with very serious injuries. in fact, dozens with very serious injuries and when you saw the power of that blast you can understand why there have been so many injuries. the effort still being made to get people out of the area, evacuate those nearby and treat the wounded. stay with us. stay with us. abc 7 news look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie.
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following breaking news in texas in the town of west a town of just a few thousand. 80 miles south of dallas. very close to just north of waco in fact. waco where it rose to it national prominence when david koresh's compod caught fire during the rd. a fertilizer plant eenvironmented in a massive explosion. at least 100 people hurt. two emt firefighters killed. there very well may be more fatality. expect that given the size of the blast.
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we just have not confirmed that. right now, area hospitals in that part of texas are being flooded with people being treated for all sorts of injuries related to explosions and severe burns. be againagain, a fertilizer plant erupts tonight. buildings nearby many blown to bits. a number of people badly wounded. the response continues. this has been going on now for about three and a half hours. 3:15 roughly since the first couple of explosions. and this have been concerns that other chemical there's may eastbound load. that also made some folks cautious and hampered the effort to get in there and help people as well. we will continue to keep you up to date on this tragedy tonight in texas. >> a federal court in san francisco tonight appears to be leaning in support of a state law banning the controversial gay conversion therapy. the ninth court of appeals heard arguments from both sides today. the author of the law feels confident of the court's
9:17 pm
direction. >> the judges in the ninth circuit asked very good questions and really centers on whether you believe medical treatment is protected by the first amendment and there is a long line of case law that says it is not. >> the judges in the ninth circuit appear to agree on that point. critics of the law contend it steps heavily on personal choice. >> this is a violation of the first amendment. it regulates viewpoint. it licenses one side of a subject matter. and punishes another side of an important subject matter on whether or not is someone can change with regard to same sex sexual attraction or identity. >> it prohibits therapists in engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with patients under the age of 18. the exploratorium opened its new doors this morning. abc 7 is proud to be the tv partner of the exploratorium. the new location is across the
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embarcadero. here is a live picture from the roof top camera. the exploratorium on the opening day with a fabulous light display on the front of the building. the projection being done on the inaugural night. carolyn tyler inside for the festivities. >> when the doors opened at 10:00 a.m. the first of thousands of visitors poured in. >> what do you think? >> i love it. >> six-year-old will part ridge was allowed to skip school for the opening day. >> he will look back on this for his whole life and see it is a beginning of a particular kind of learning that exposes him to a bigger world. >> and we wanted to find a fun place to go to so this is what we learned. >> reporter: at 330,000 square feet the new exploratorium is three times larger than the old space at the palace of fine arts. enough room to showcase more
9:19 pm
than 600 exhibits. >> going to have some new stuff? >> yeah. i don't think they used to have like -- >> reporter: in fact, there are are 150 new exhibits. some showcase the buy youty of the bay like the blanket of man made fog and an entire gallery that focuses on light sciences and eye byology. kristina is the curator. >> we are tinkers andmakers and scientists and when you mix this all together and give thus fabulous building that is what you get and it has been fantastic. >> of course, on this grand opening there were speeches from movers and shakers including mayor ed lee he and our own dan ashley. but the day really belonged to the children of the bay area. like 11-year-old cooper. >> how long do you think it will take you to get around? >> i don't know. i don't think i will be able to see everything today but i'm looking forward to coming back. >> reporter: let me be clear
9:20 pm
the museum is not just for kids. thursday nights are adult only nights. the museum on thursdays open until 10:00 as it is on wednesdays. in san francisco, outside the exploratorium, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. and it really is a treasure. we also is have a camera mounted on top of the exploratorium and it will show off great views seen from the new location. this is on top of pier 15 looking back at transamerica pyramid and city skyline. tonight it shows off the lights and mild weather. a little breezy. seems like it died down some. let's find out from meteorologist sandhya patel in for spencer tonight. >> the breezes died down and the exploratorium light show. i looked outside my window here, spectacular. a great night for it as you look at live doppler 7hd. skies cleared tonight. the new from the high definition emeryville camera you can see all the way back towards the west and here are
9:21 pm
the current temperatures. pretty mild. 60 oakland. 54 san francisco. sault ste. san jose 59 degree. high pressure calling the shots here and with this area of high pressure getting closer are to the bay area we will see warm dry pattern developing especially as we head into the weekend. here is a look at your temperature trend. the week ahead foran jose tomorrow, 76 degrees. you notice that steady climb up to 82 on sunday. 88 on monday. and then slowly the temperatures will drop off tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow morning starting off cool especially in the inland valleys. mid 40s there. upper 40s to low 50s right around the bay and near the coast. your afternoon will feature even milder weather than today. bump up the temperatures a few more degrees. sunny skies. 74 san rafael. condor, morgan hill 77 degrees. 75 oakland, palo alto. san jose 76 degrees. 68 san francisco and 64 half moon bay.
9:22 pm
a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. and pretty much everyone will enjoy warmer weather except near the coast where we will see the temperatures dipping a little bit friday as low clouds come back into the picture. and really holding there on saturday. mid 80s inland sunday. up to the low 90s in our inland communities on monday. mid 80s bayside and mid 60s coast. that will be the warmest day. look and feel of summer. a little cooler tuesday and wednesday, dan. >> looks like it. than very much. following that breaking news in texas tonight. the community of west, texas where there has been a huge explosion that you just saw at a fertilizer plant. more than three hours after the blast smoldering ruins still there and the rush to save those who have been injured. at least a hundred
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new questions tonight as catranscontinues to investigate the dozens of bolts that have failed on the bay bridge's new eastern span. many are in plas where they simply cannot be replaced and cal trans has already admitd that could delay the bridge's planned opening for labor day. here is transportation reporter heather ishimaru with the very latest the. >> reporter: cal trans memo for the media says it is looking at two sets of public documents in its investigation of the failed bolts. one set covers the batch of 96 that included the 32 broken ones delivered in 2008. the second coversanother batch of 192 bolts delivered in 2010. the sacramento bee reports that both diagnose bolts delivered in 2010 failed testing at the
9:27 pm
department of transportation lab. everything from premanufacturing facility is inspection, raw steel delivery to heat treating and galvanidation. this cal trans animation shows how the bolts sit underneath the road bed. the broken ones inaccessible inside the foot jg, in 2008 they were exposed and could have been tested but were are not. because of missing documentation the bolts were heat treated twice by a dyson sub contractor tc industries. the is second round might have made them brittle. >> the toll bridge program is conducting a thorough investigation into what happened and caused the bolts to break. we know there was an excess of modrow again. we were looking at what point into the fabrication pro is 70s this became a problem. >> reporter: cal trans directed the contractor american bridge
9:28 pm
floor abf to test the 96 dyson bolts and later they write cal trans does not require the testing. >> at this point we are are not the in a position to comment on anything until our thorough investigation is done and we have come to a conclusion. >> reporter: that conclusion could take awhile. the first priority is fixing the problem. >> the focus at this time is to come up with the best solution that will give the seismic performance that is required and then we worry about culpability later. >> reporter: it will be around mid may when they decide which fix to pursue. once that decision is made they will be able to tell us whether or not the new bridge will open as scheduled labor day weekend. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. stay with us. abc 7 news at 9:00 continues in a moment with the latest on the breaking news. a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in the town of west, texas. about 80 miles south of dallas. 100 people injured.
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following breaking news tonight in west, texas. that is a community of 2800 people where a fertilizer plant has just exploded in a massive blast, two blasts actually. this happened three and a half hours ago our time. it was about 8:00 central time. at least 00 people injured. many of them very seriously. and we are getting new pictures that we are going be sharing with you in a moment. there it we go. there have been treating people badly wounded. doddss severely wounded.
9:33 pm
we do know of two fatalities. emt firefighters. what happened was they responded to a fire at the fertilizer plant and were are dealing with the the fire when the explosions happened inside the plant. anhydrous ammonia and other chemicals at the plant contributed to the explosion once the fire started. as you may know, fertilizer is often used or not often used but occasionally used in bombs where others want to do harm to others. that kentuckcould explain why e fertilizer plant under the right circumstances or wrong circumstances to be more presize explode soed so violen. a number of homes in the immediate area, the mayor of the community of west says 60 to 80 homes in the surrounding neighborhood have been obliterated.
9:34 pm
nursing home is in really bad shape. there is an apartmt complex and a school which is west intermediate school that caught fire. they have been moving patients out of the the nursing home. 140 nursing home patients are in the home and they took about 100 out at last word. many of them with injuries but according to one person on the scenen in of those injuries at the nursing home appeared to be life threatening. one woman was severely burned on the face. a dozen nurses and doctors were standing outside to meet the patients as they arrived in a variety of vehicles. as you can imagine, dozens of ambulanced arrived on the scene to carry the wounded away. the good news is is what you are looking at here, life flight helicopters allowed to fly in the immediate hour, hour and a half after this explosion. helicopters life flight helicopters were not able to take to the sky because it was too windy and not safe for them to do so but that restrictions
9:35 pm
lifted. in addition to the ground ambulances they were able to get air ambulances in there and get people out as quickly as possible. these are as you can see live pictures. a football field at a local high school not far away which i believe this is what we are looking at. i'm not sure. as we pull out i will be able to tell. was used as a staging area for emergency responders and it is all lit up with lights as you can see. that is what they have been using as a triage area and staging area for the responders as they tried to get a handle on this. what we know, at least 100 people injured. at least two people killed in a massive series of explosions. two explosions at a fertilizer plant in the town of west, texas, 80 miles south of dallas. next to or near the town of waco which came to national prominence when there was that standoff with federal authorities you remember and then eventually the compound
9:36 pm
caught fire during a federal raid and a number of people were killed in that incident. many people became aware of waco after that. this town of west is very near waco. you see people milling about. a lot of emergency responders. obviously trying to get a handle on if any one is left inside or any one is still in danger. area hospitals flooded with people. one hospital i heard a surgeon talking or an executive from the hospital talking and they have received dozens of patients just to the the one facility and, of course, all hands on deck, doctors, surgeons working on people immediately as soon as they he get into the hospital to treat them. we have heard the number we heard is about 30-40 very serious injuries. about 100 total injuries. and again, two fatalities. as -- we don't know why the fire started at the plant but we do know that while firefighters were trying to put out the fire these two
9:37 pm
explosions happened. and then there has been some concern the fire is now controlled and basically out. it is still smoldering, of course, about three hour there's you see a reporter who is reporting for his news outlet and here is tape now of the explosions themselves. look at the size of this blast. and as you can imagine, rattled windows, shattered homes nearby. again, the mayor of the community there of west says something like 80 homes perhaps obliterated and a nursing home nearby badly damaged and an intermediate school nearby caught fire as well. you can see that the fertilizer plant is in a fairly dense area for this small town. when you see the power of the blasts you can understand why everything nearby was affected. and some people heard the blast for miles and miles away. now, what you are look at is the football field at the local high school i mentioned.
9:38 pm
ambulances and emergency personnel on the field there organizing their response and their effort to get people to hospitals and treat heed as quickly as possible. right after the blasts and then the big fire that erupt ared that you see in the taped picture from the air, one of the concerns was that there were potentially more explosions to come because of the chemicals inside. so that i don't know if it slowed efforts to get people out but made people very cautious because there was some concern. they order evacuations in entire surrounding area to get people out and there was concern that there would be more explosions. so it made for a very tense situation trying to get people out. at least 124 people hospitalized. one hospital tells us that 20 more are on the way. and as again as i said again, 38 of the injuries considered very serious. the fire is under control but still burning and probably will be for quite some time because there are a lot of chemicals involved in the fire. this facility is a fertilizer
9:39 pm
plant in the town of west. it is on jerry mashek drive. the dispatcher who first got the call said we have a lot of injured here and was calling for are all of the responders that were available to get to the scene immediately. some of the buildings that caught fire near north regan street in the immediate area were trapped in a nearby apartment building. as a result, people were trapped in a nearby apartment building because of a fire. again, as i have said here there have been a lot of very serious injuries. we know at this moment of only two fatalities and those were emergency medical technician firefighters who presumably were on the scene feel dealing with the fire when the explosion happened. in a blast this serious it would not be unexpectd that there would be more fatalities but we have not heard that. let's hope that is not the
9:40 pm
case. we know that there are several dozen very serious injuries. all right. we will continue to keep you up ♪
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breaking news in west, texas. a small town of about 2800 people. 80 miles south of dallas. we are following breaking news there. a terrible tragedy. a fertilizer plant explodes in two massive blasts and as i feared and as you would probably expect given the enormity of the explosion the numbers get worse. we now have is heard at least 200 people injured in the explosions. 38-40 of those people serious
9:44 pm
injuries. 75 to 100 houses and businesses in the immediate area completely destroyed. what you are looking at here is a high school football field not far away being used as a staging area for the emergency, medical and firefighter response. as soon that's happened almost four hours ago now, 3:45 ago now, as soon is as this happened enormous numbers of emergency crews, of course, responded from every surrounding area. and life flight helicopters were not able to fly at first because of the winds that were in the area. but about an hour and a half later that was lifted and those life flight hecopters were ab to get in on the scene and get people out to the hospital. but again, perhaps now 200 people have been injured. dozens with very serious injuries. abc has not confirmed the reports of two fatalities. we have not independently confirmed that. cnn is reporting two fatalities of emergency medical technician firefighters on the scene.
9:45 pm
again, we have not confirmd that independently. we are working on that. one would not be surprised to find that the number of fatalities will go up given the enormity of the blast. it is a fertilizer facility. fertilizer uses combustible ex-plow is suv chemicals in its manufacture so that can explain, of course, why the blast was so powerful. at first there was just a fire at the plant and then firefighters respond and were dealing with theire and then all of a sudden the two massive explosions which ripped apart this area of this town of west, texas. and there you can see some of the damage and we will be seeing a lot more of this and, of course, during daylight hours even more by tomorrow morning as the sun comes up. but the blast was just enorm are mustily powerful. people felt it for miles and miles away. and the immediate area which includes a bunch of houses in the neighborhood and we are told 60 to 80 houses utterly
9:46 pm
troyed. an intermediate school badly damaged and on fire. a nursing home that was damaged and they had to evacuate people from the nursing home. about 140 residents inside the nursing home. but, it only will probably get worse as we hear more facts and figures that come out of this terrible tragedy in texas tonight at a fertilizer plant about 80 miles south of dallas. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. following breaking news tonight in west, texas, not the area but the town west, which is a community of 2800 people. about 80 miles south of dallas. terrible tragedy there tonight. almost four hours ago tonight as firefighters were responding to a blaze at a fertilizer
9:50 pm
factory suddenly without warning two massive blasts with devastating consequences. we heard reports now up to 200 people injured. 40 critically. the death confirmation is not made on reports that two emergency medical technicians and firefighters have been killed but you we have not confirmed that independently but we are trying to get a handle on that o, of course. the immediate concern is what authorities are are doing here as you look at the staging area from a high school football field not far away is to make sure that they have gotten everyone who needs treatment out and there is now a search for survivors or a search for any one else who is in harm's way. the search was hampered initially because there was concern about more are explosions because of the number of chemicals as this fire continued to rage at a fertilizer plant there in that community of west, texas. this plant is kind of in -- a very small town but in a populated area it appears with houses nearby.
9:51 pm
an intermediate school nearby. a nursing home nearby. all impacted by this. we have heard from the mayor of west, texas, that 60, maybe 80 homes were destroyed. even perhaps obliterated by the blast. we are not sure of that but we know that they have been greatly effected. the intermediate school nearby caught fire. it was after school hours, of course. but the nursing home nearby with 140 residents damaged as well and caught fire and they had to evacuate residents. one person on the scene said that they saw a number of those nursing home residents with injuries but none of them appeared to be life threatening which is good news. 40 people hurt from what we understand critically. this explosion happened at 6:00 hour time tonight and almost four hours now after the blast the fire is still smoldering, still burning but it is under control. sot is no longer are a raging
9:52 pm
inferno as it has been. immediately as soon as this went out, again this is a small community so they would have to draw emergency responders from the surrounding area. the town in this small community would not be he able to respond on its own to a catastrophe of this magnitude. an emergency dispatcher said i need anybody and everybody she said at least ten structures on fire in the town and that was the enishial report this is again in the north texas area. racing to the scene on i-35 and that pt of texas. again, it is 80 miles south of dallas but right in the very area of waco, texas. and a community of as he said of 2800 people. now, as to why the fire broke out we don't know but the explosion is -- would seem clear there are a lot of chemicals at a fertilizer plant as you know. terrorists have used fertilizer to make bombs before because of the components the chemicals
9:53 pm
used in fertilizer is explosive and ammable. as you are looking at new individual is yes of the fire not at the plant but no the surrounding neighborhood. a car kind of mangled by the blast. a lot of that, homes, we he heard some obliterated. glass shattered. people felt this for miles and miles away and heard it for miles and miles away. that what you are looking at there is actually the plant and as you can see on the screen from the tape two emergency medical technician firefighters killed explosion. that was on the tape from the the coverage from the news outlet running that breaking news at the time. that has not been independently confirmed by abc news. cnn has been reporting that two were killed but when you see the fire and the blast there it is. look at the power of this.
9:54 pm
it is not -- it is certainly understandable and to be expected that there very well may be many fatalities. and it not immediate fatalities, some of those that have been critically injured, the 40 or so that we heard critically injured let's hope they survive their wounds but obviously the injuries going to be very, very serious and potentially there will be loss of life as well. the fire burned for several hours with great itensity. it is now under control but it is still smoldering d burning. and there you are looking at the school i mentioned. just adjacent to that is is the football field and staging area. huge numbers of ambulances. dozens and dozens of ambulances and firefighters came in from around. in the immediate aftermath when could not get life flight helicopters in there which they needed to get people out quickly to area hospitals, many that were 20 miles away or mo because of the win and could not fly the life flight
9:55 pm
helicopters. the restrictions lifted and they could get the emergency medical helicopters in. since then the faa has ordered air restrictions so that news choppers and any one else is cannot fly. only emergency personnel and emergency medical personnel could be flown in and around the area. so that is why there are no live pictures coming from the scene because they he have sed off the airspace of the area around west texas and the
9:56 pm
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9:58 pm
woole, of course, continue 20 follow the breaking news the west, texas explosion and fire on abc 7 news coming up tonight on abc 7 news at the 11:00 we will bring you the latest on the casualties and from the site of the massive explosion tonight. join ufor abc 7 news at 11:00 again over on channel 7. let's pause and change things up cnsiderably now and give larry a chance to talk about the warriors. >> as trivial as this is given the news from boston and fire in texas, but real quick, stef
9:59 pm
got his record and the warriors secured the sixth spot in the west. those were the two majorobject. curry needed two threes in order to break ray allens this single season three-point shooting record and that was h history made right there. in the history books. here are kind of a late catch and shoot just to beat the shot clock to help the warriors secure a 99-88 victory over the blazers. the warriors lock up the sixth seed and will face the denver nuggets in the first round of the playoffs. game one is saturday in denver. warriors in the playoffs first time since the we believe team of davis. giants lost in milwaukee 4-3 in the bottom of the ninth. a's beat the astros 7-5. a's at 12-4. best record in the american league right now. >> that is this edition. we will wrap it up for the moment of abc 7 news at 9:00. i'm dan ashley for larry

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